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Le Sommelier 樂索門11月微涼深秋 品酒派對 Monthly Wine Party in November 29th *西班牙新酒到店*

Le Sommelier樂索門葡萄酒品飲派對活動來啦!來自法國波爾羅亞爾河葡萄牙義大利紐西蘭、智利以及西班牙,隆河,博根地新酒任您品嘗!晚上7:00-10:00供您無限杯數品飲,更備有手作Buffet任您享用喔!

 2013/11/29() 樂索門天母
(02) 2872-3531
7:00-10:00 PM
 (10:00PM後不供應葡萄酒暢飲服務,消費者可點單杯NT$150,或是於店內購買酒繼續飲用,營業至11:00pm )

預定:NT$800/ (於活動前,接受來電、來店或E-mail預定,付款方式接受轉帳及來店付現)
非預定:NT$1,000/ (當日現場報名)


樂索門團隊 敬上


Dear wine Enthusiast,

Le Sommelier “
Monthly wine Party” is coming!
This month, you can taste
 wine from Bordeaux, Loire, Portugal, Italy, New Zealand,Chile and New Wine from SPAIN,Rhone Valley,Burgundy Buy one ticket, then you can join the wine festival on 7:00-10:00pm, with lots of wine and European style buffet. Don’t miss it!!

Date & Place

 Friday, November, 29th, 2013
“Le Sommelier Tien-Mu”
No.3-81, Tien-Mu West Rd, Taipei

Time7:00-10:00 PM
 (After 10:00Pm, if you still want to drink more, you may buy a glass of wine(NT$150/glass) or grab a bottle of wine to continue your little party .(Open till 11:00pm)

Preferential Treatment

Early Bird Price Promise
Pre-Sale: NT$800 (Before event, reserve in the store, phone, or e-mail; ATM/online transfer or cash payment in the store available.)
At Door: NT$1,000
Great Deal Promotion (This service only for who already buy the ticket of this party.)
Buying wine on this day, you can get 25% off from regular price.
    (Drink here will charge 10% service from the original price.) 
Enjoy lots of wine & Royal buffet with your friends!!

Please kindly note that no seats reserved, join us when party starts!

Best Regards & Cheers,

Le Sommelier Team

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